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The Rossiter ® Success Guarantee


It is my pleasure to extend this guarantee to those seeking my services, but please understand I can only work with people who are committed to getting out of pain. The following will determine if you are a candidate for Rossiter Stretching. 



I GUARANTEE you will see results if:



You must be experiencing pain when arrive for your session. Pain reduction can then be determined as we stretch.



You cannot have received *cortisone injections nor have had*surgery at the site of your pain.



You must be able to get on and off the floor on your own. (my practice has a Rossiter platform that makes the process of going from floor to standing very easy)



A proper amount of weight must be accepted before Rossiter Stretching can begin.



The maximum amount of stretch must be your goal in each exercise.



You must be willing to be  coached. It is my job to guide you through the stretch process to ensure your success. Remember that this is a team effort.



THAT’S IT!  (Line 2 concerning cortisone injections and surgery doesn’t mean I cannot work with you or that I cannot help you, it just means I can’t guarantee the results due to the effects of these two medical interventions that damage connective tissue).

If you embrace the full potential of Rossiter Stretching and don’t see at least a 50% reduction in pain or 50% increase in mobility, then the session is FREE. (MOST people see 75-100% relief in ONE session).

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I’ve seen Rossiter create ‘miracle’ after ‘miracle’ for any condition or pain that bodywork can address (joint or muscle pain). Rossiter is meant to relieve chronic and acute pain as well as tension and stress; increase mobility; prevent injuries; and optimize athletic performance. Having said all that, Rossiter is NOT meant to treat illness, disease or visceral pain. I am not a doctor.

  ~Richard Rossiter

If you're looking for an alternative, natural and effective way of getting your body out of pain, you've come to the right place!

I have personally trained Chuck Lubeck in successfully using The Rossier System, and he is our Quantum Pain Relief SE Vice President.

The Rossiter System teaches hundreds of alternative techniques to prevent and relieve pain naturally.  I was in pain once, too, and I found these pain-relieving techniques -- techniques that most people have never seen before and are the most effective ways to prevent and relieve stiffness, tightness, limited mobility and pain from head to toe.

I invented The Rossiter System®, a collection of powerful pain-relieving techniques that you can begin using today -- at home, at work, at the gym or health club, with your sports team, in the rehab clinic, in your private bodywork practice, or among your employees -- to get out of pain that keeps you from doing the things you love. 

Knee pain. Low back pain and sciatica. Stiff necks. Sore shoulders. Achy feet and stiff knees. Hip pain. Arm, wrist and elbow pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Elbow tendonitis. They ALL respond to The Rossiter System's stretching techniques, especially if your body hasn't yet been subjected to surgery or injections (and even if it has, these stretches can bring back some of what you've lost). See for yourself how many different areas The Rossiter System addresses!

I promise you that these stretches will help you regain the mobility you've lost AND keep you out of pain for the rest of your life. And in these times of limited health care and health insurance cutbacks, The Rossiter System makes sense as a proven, alternative, home-remedy approach that saves you time, money and expensive (and often futile) trips to the doctor or physical therapist.




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